The Cell Surgical Network





The Founders of the Cell Surgical Network (CSN)
Dr. Landers, MD and Dr. Mark Berman, MD

How Can Adult (NonEmbryonic) Mesenchymal Stem Cells Help Me?

Welcome to the Stem Cell Revolution.  Dr. Elliot Landers, MD and Dr. Mark Berman, MD are the Founders of The Cell Surgical Network.  Since 2010, we have been working with autologous (your own) adipose derived stromal vascular fraction (SVF) providing investigational therapy to patients with various inflammatory and/or degenerative conditions.  Using technology developed in South Korea, we have developed a closed surgical method to isolate this cellular medium (SVF) rich in stem cells.  Under our IRB (Institutional Review Board) approved protocol, we’ve been providing SVF deployment on an investigational basis.  Under the banner of the cell surgical netowrk (CSN), we’ve formed a multidisciplinary team to evaluate patients with a variety of conditions often responsive to cell therapy.  We have also worked in conjunction with a number of international organizations and physicians of great expertise to help develop our protocols for procedures and deployments.  In 2012, we formed the Cell Surgical Network (CSN) to provide the same high level quality controlled investigational therapy nationwide and beyond. The Cell Surgical Network provides a true team service with open communication and a shared online database to accumulate the best and most thorough information to help establish optimal protocols for treatments of the multitude of inflammatory and/or degenerative conditions.  All affiliate members in the CSN will contribute to our IRB approved investigation.