Carolina Stem Cell Mission

Carolina Stem Cell: mission is to advance cell technology in order to improve the body’s ability to regenerate.

regenerative treatmentAt the Carolina Stem Cell Treatment Center, we provide care for people suffering from diseases that may be alleviated by access to adult stem cell based regenerative treatments. The Center utilizes a fat transfer surgical technology to isolate and implant the patient’s own stem cells from a small quantity of fat harvested by liposuction on the same day. Patients who seek to participate in research-based stem cell therapy at the Carolina Stem Cell Treatment Center are evaluated by one of our highly trained physicians. The Carolina Stem Cell Treatment Center emphasizes quality and is highly committed to clinical research and the advancement of regenerative medicine.

Carolina Stem Cell Treatment Center was founded, in affiliation with the renowned California Stem Cell Treatment Center for the investigational use of stem cells deployments for degenerative conditions. The source of the cells is actually stromal vascular fraction (SVF) which is a protein rich segment of processed adipose tissue. Stromal vascular fraction contains a mononuclear cell line (predominantly autologous mesenchymal stem cells), macrophage cells, endothelial cells, red blood cells, and important growth factors that turn on the stem cells and promote their activity. We harvest a high numbers of viable cells and are trying to learn which diseases respond best and which deployment methods are most effective. We are growing and continue to use our surgical methods to deploy SVF for various degenerative conditions. The Cell Surgical Network (CSN) employs a clinical research coordinator to protect our valuable data.  Our vision is to perfect our treatments and ultimately teach them to other physicians around the world.